About Us


DSD Composites initially started out as Parkman Wheels LLC in 2013 by amateur cyclist Daniel Parkman. Daniel was a lead bicycle mechanic working full time at a local bicycle shop while training and racing. With finances being limited for travel and racing, his bike and equipment needed some serious upgrades to keep up with his aggressive racing in pursuit of a professional contract. Unable to afford the “big brand” wheels, Daniel set out build his own that would perform to his demands at a fraction of the cost. It didn’t take long before many local riders and racers began to take notice. Soon the requests began to pile up.

Daniel sourced rims and hubs from several different manufacturers for a few years until he found the right combo: light weight, affordable and reliable… This was a laborious task of trial and error with real world testing – the open road and the harsh elements of crit and road racing alike. Some of the early prototype wheels are still being ridden and raced today with over 35,000 miles of use!

With a rim and hub manufacturer that met our needs, we decided that wheels alone were not enough and wanted to pursue components and frames, so we changed our name from Parkman Wheels LLC to DSD Composites at the end of 2016.

We frequently hear comments about our pricing being substantially less than some of our competition – that they must be half the quality. The main reason our pricing is structured this way is our passion for the sport of cycling. While operating any type of business, the goal is to make money, but how much? DSD Composites’ roots lie with those young, passionate, die-hard racers who are growing and learning in the sport. Our goal is to meet riders of all needs and abilities with the best quality products available.

There are no celebrity endorsements, no major advertising campaigns, just an internal drive to make something that we are proud to put our name on. We don’t have pressure from investors or upper level management to cut corners and produce something we are not proud to sell. We love hearing from our customers about their experiences with our products. It drives us to continually grow and improve as professionals to better serve the cycling community.